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Chocolate Tasting Class

Discover what your palate is truly capable of tasting. In this workshop, you will explore numerous flavor profiles through direct taste and aroma tests. By the end of this beginner’s workshop, you will be able to identify flavors in chocolate you had not previously been able to. After we have improved your tasting abilities to identify specific flavor notes, we will test your new skills on a selection of chocolate from around the world for you to discover the changes in flavor as a result of their growing region, bean type, roast, and conch. 

In addition to learning to identify tastes and build a flavor vocabulary, you will learn the basics of the cocoa industry, including its agriculture, harvesting, and production processes. We will discuss how each aspect of theses processes influence the final flavors in chocolate.

You will have found a new appreciation for fine chocolate.

This is a great class for the beginner chocolate aficionado and for anyone wanting to boost their taste bud prowess. This is the only course of this kind in the Metro area. Classes are very small to provide the greatest learning atmosphere, limited to 12 persons. 

 What previous attendees have said:

 "The information about the history/making of chocolate was VERY interesting... I really enjoyed identifying all the smells. That was a fun experience!" Chris, G’town U. Student


Chocolate Truffle Making Class

In this much sought after and requested workshop, you will learn about the different types of chocolate that can be used to make chocolate truffles and how to expertly combine ingredients to make the most delicious truffles! We will have discussion on sanitation and working cleanly in the kitchen as well.

We highly recommend taking one of our palate development workshops to help you craft your own unique chocolate flavors. This is a hands on class, so wear clothing you are not going to mind getting covered in chocolate! This class is suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to make chocolate truffles.

Class is limited to 10 persons.